Ranch Rules Camp; Regulations

We are a private recreational facility which provides opportunity for all to enjoy the out doors in a relaxed and welcoming venue. The Circle J Guest Ranch celebrates the diversity of our guests, and strives to ensure each and every individual is able to unwind and relax without fear of judgement or harassment. Our patrons come for a wide variety of paths, and include members from every walk of life imaginable. Young, old, straight, gay, male, female, married, single, or otherwise are welcome on our property. Our goal is to provide a safe haven where your differences and individuality is embraced and celebrated. We only ask that guests show respect to one another, the land, and themselves.

Respect Our Guests

  • Please be respectful and mindful of your fellow guests.
  • Please respect others’ personal space and privacy.
  • Please keep pets under control so they are not disruptive to other guests.
  • Please park only in designated areas, and remain on designated roadways and paths.
  • Please refrain from taking pictures of other guests without their explicit and direct permission.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing at all times.

Respect the Land

  • Please leave with what you brought; a dumpster and other trash receptacles are located around the property to dispose of your waste.
  • Please refrain from littering; we do allow our guests to smoke, but ask that all cigarette butts find their way to the proper trash bin.
  • Please utilize the restroom facilities. Our shower house has 3 private stalls, and a port a potty is located near the campfire area for your convenience. The shower house is Unisex and your respectful behavior is expected.
  • Please avoid bringing glass containers when possible. Trash receptacles are available, as are recycling for Glass and Aluminum.
  • Please enjoy the beautiful vegetation around the property, and leave it behind for the next guest to enjoy as well.
  • Please admire the beauty of our animals, both domestic and wild. However, we do ask that your refrain from offering food or treats to them. Many of our pets and livestock have special dietary needs; not only can people food be bad for them, feeding also encourages begging, which we try to discourage.
  • Please maintain appropriate speeds when in your vehicle. We recommend a maximum speed of 15 MPH. Slower speeds create less issue with dust, and also allow for any animals or humans you may encounter. Excessive or reckless speeds will be addressed when necessary.
  • Please respect that our horses are used for Therapeutic purposes, often with Clients who suffer from physical, emotional, or developmental disabilities. Hand feeding the horses can create behaviors that carry into a Therapeutic setting, and could pose a safety hazard for Clients. For this reason, we ask that you are particularly mindful and refrain from offering treats or snacks of any kind, including carrots, apples, or the like.

Respect Our Neighbors

We ask that all guests of the Circle J Guest Ranch be respectful of our neighbors. Please bear in mind, that noise travels, and be aware of this during your stay. Excessive noise, and offensive behaviors are not permitted. We ask that everyone be considerate of our neighbors and local residents, who must maintain their own personal schedules and lives.

Respect Yourself

  • Please drink responsibly during your stay.
  • Please take care of yourself while with us; leave your stress behind and fully enjoy your surroundings.
  • Please be aware of your own personal limitations with any recreational activity. Use proper equipment, and know when to take a break.
  • Please refrain from use or possession of illegal, or illicit substances.
  • Please be aware that no Lifeguard is on duty. Swim at your own risk.
  • Please wear appropriate footwear. We recommend boots or other closed shoe.
  • Please keep your personal safety in mind at all times, and remain aware of your environment, including any changes in the immediate weather.
  • Please allow yourself to have fun!
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